Gene Rampale

Gene Rampale Jr with orange shirt


Gene is a Lead Network Security Consultant in the Regulatory, Identity, and Access Management Team. The IAM Team works as part of the Healthcare Informatics Team at Advocate Aurora Health Care.

Current Project: Consolidation of five Active Directory domains into a single new domain. More than 35,000 workstations and nearly 100,000 user objects have been merged into the single domain.

The migration phase has completed, now optimization of the operational aspects of the project have started.

Spin down phase of the original domains will start shortly.

Recently passed the Security+ certification, now working on the CSSIP certification.


Gene is an avid photographer, and Photoshop enthusiast. He also enjoys working with HTML 5 and CSS3 web page coding

The Internet of Things is another current hobby. Raspberry Pi, Python, and Web Page Coding are combined to provide remote automated environmental monitoring.

Amateur Radio - Technician Plus licensed since 1996. Performed Red Cross disaster communications assistance, and damage assessment.